Introduction of JADAM Organic Farming


- JADAM is a group of organic farmers.

 JADAM is a group of organic farmers that was established in 1991 by Youngsang Cho. JADAM’s activities are based on its website and has nearly 60,000 members as of March 2016.
The objective of JADAM is to bring farming back to the farmers; to restore the farmers’ sovereignty in technology; spread an ultra-low cost method of farming; and ultimately open a new world where farmers, consumers and mother nature are in harmony.

High cost and difficult method of organic farming cannot spread far and wide; it will only cause more trouble for farmers and agriculture.
JADAM came up with a unique solution of “ultra-low cost” method of farming as an answer to the future of agriculture. Based on the technical aims of SESE (Simple, Easy, Scientific, Effective), JADAM established a complete system of farming after decades of trials.

Let's all move forward with Ultra Low-Cost agriculture. JADAM overcome completely the technical and practical challenges of organic agriculture. Make your own All Powerful Natural Pesticides, microbial inputs and fertilizers. JADAM aims to create Agricultural Revolution with Ultra-Low-Cost agriculture in the world. Our farming have to Independent from Commercial monopoly corporation. FARMERS must take the INITIATIVE in agricultural technology. 

JADAM books are available for purchase from worldwide. It is currently translated into English, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean and will be translated into various languages in the future.

- Watch a video ( 30 minutes):


Posted on : 2020-12-21 10:29:09

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