JADAM Organic PEST and DISEASE CONTROL(new), POWERFUL DIY Solutions. Sales start on June 25.


- We are translating this book into over 20 languages. These translated books are published in about three months.

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The SIMPLE DIY solution can reduce pesticide costs by more than 95%! You no longer have to rely on commercial pesticides. It is a powerful DIY solution that you have never experienced before. JNP is an organic pesticide that complies with USDA Organic Regulations. You can wash and eaten immediately after spraying. This book has amazingly sharp pictures. JADAM developed several core natural pesticide technologies manufacturing methods so that farmers can solve natural pesticides themselves and all technologies disclosed without patents. The use of self-manufacturing technology can dramatically reduce costs while increasing the control effect. Furthermore, it can completely replace chemical pesticides.
Farmers have been relying on agricultural input wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now it is time to escape from the helpless high-cost agriculture dragged by giant agricultural corporations. This book introduces the easy way of making basic substances of eco-friendly pesticides that are using raw materials by the farmers themselves and suggests the proper mixing ratio of substances for each disease and pest. Apply the solution of this book to the field right away. If you compare the solutions with the effects of existing chemical or eco-friendly pesticide products, you will immediately confirm that JADAM Natural Pesticide (JNP) are out of the ordinary. You will find the practical possibility of Ultra-Low-Cost organic farming that can reduce the cost of pesticides by more than 95%. I shout to farmers around the world through this book. Free yourself from the subordination of agricultural chemicals and agricultural materials companies that you have had to be bound for a lifetime. All farmers who are left destitute and desperate, losing the initiative of technology by commercial enterprises and falling into a level of a mere.

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Posted on : 2021-06-14 17:07:54

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  • Gunawan 2022-03-05 22:35:00

    My name is Gunawan from Indonesia.
    Is there any translation in Bahasa Indonesia for this book?
    Thank you

    • Tyler Rood 2021-11-02 03:11:07

      Congratulations on the new edition! Within the book, you describe an "annual use amount" for JWA, JS, and JHS. Could you please describe to me how you determined these amounts? (e.g. JWA = 100L /.25 ac., under what conditions was this estimate made?; rate of dilution; length of production season; etc.). Thank you.