DIY Ultra-Powerful Natural JADAM Wetting Agent(JWA) 20L for Gardners. Natural liquid soap.


- Complete independence from ordinary pesticides on the market, protecting the health of my fields and my food with natural pesticides that I make.

 JSA functions to evenly cover insects and bacteria with natural pesticides. Thus, the Natural Pesticide effect can be enhanced: JADAM has developed a natural wetting agent 'JADAM Wetting Agent' that can be made and used directly, reducing costs and increasing safety. Introducing the creation of JADAM Wetting Agent 20L, which can be used as a vegetable garden.
Must use soft water.
Potassium Hydroxide(90%) 640g + Soft Water 50ml
When the potassium hydroxide is completely dissolved, add 3.6L of Canola Oil and turn it back to a drill. At this time, the drill uses a clean one that is not contaminated.
When the condition thickens, stop the drill and ripen it for more than three days.
After three days, it doesn't go in even when pressed with hands and hardens like a soft soap.
Add 4L of water and melt slowly.
JWA 20L complete. JWA can also be used as a general detergent.
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Posted on : 2021-08-06 13:57:02

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Comments and replies
  • bea 2022-08-17 18:32:09

    Hi! I used coconut oil to make this soap. Then I read I need to decrease the KOH by 15%. Can I still use this potent 100% KOH JWA that I made with coconut oil? Also, it hardened immediately, should I proceed now to dilution?

    • Nicolae 2022-03-20 18:37:11

      Thank you for all good advices.
      What can I use to replace the canola oil. In my region is very difficult to find or very expensive. I watched your video and for me will be very good if I will be able to use sun flower or rapeseed oil.
      Manny thanks

      • Michael Menchavez 2022-02-23 17:20:28

        Thank you Mr.Cho for this video.I will make this JWA soon.