JADAM books that are revolutionizing agriculture, Ultra-Low-Cost Organic Farming.


- JADAM offers a groundbreaking alternative to difficult and expensive organic farming techniques.

Youngsang Cho, who has been practicing organic farming since 1991, has established no-till cultivation techniques that require no machinery and are very easy to apply.


He also developed self-manufactured natural pesticide technology that can reliably control the most difficult pests and diseases in organic farming. JADAM natural pesticides are completely new and different from pesticides that have been used so far.

JADAM Organic Farming: high yields by no-tillage, make all-natural pesticide, the way to Ultra-Low-Cost agriculture.


JADAM Organic Pest and Disease Control: A powerful DIY solution to 167 common garden pests and diseases, how to be independent from commercial pesticides.


100 Herbs to Make JADAM Natural Pesticides: The Path to Ultra-Low Farming


Authentic Korean food using edible wild vegetables: healthy food made with 100 kinds of wild vegetables


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Posted on : 2021-09-01 12:01:27

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  • Max Daichi 2021-10-03 21:39:38

    After asking without answers, where to buy your books in Japan, finally I bought in Amazon US!